Music Through the Ages and Thematic Presentations

Music tells a story - a good story. Therefore this presentation/performance series is conducted in a lively and anecdotal manner. The great operas, ballets and symphonic works come alive as their stories are dramatically retold. Who wrote them? When? Where? Why? Who was the first audience?

A multi-disciplinary approach will gradually unfold the story behind the music, in its historical and social context. Composers will be taken off their pedestals and revealed as real people, living in a real time. The audience will become part of the fabric of the era.

Each session will begin with a spirited investigation of the concrete: the social history, manners, clothing, art and politics of the era; and then move to the abstract - the specific musical work(s). Key passages - what in the music makes it a masterwork - will be demonstrated at the piano and discussed - but always anecdotally, always accessibly to an audience of mixed ages. Finally, a dramatic performance of the work will bring the story to life, told over music recorded by world-class orchestras and singers.

Clayton Scott's objective is to educate and entertain, as she introduces the masterworks of opera, ballet and orchestral music to families, students and the general community.

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