Parent Lectures

Let Clayton Scott show parents that, by offering and encouraging music, they are giving the most precious gift to their children.

To make music is one of the highest human accomplishments. Music requires and develops a combination of: physical abilities, intellectual powers, emotional responses - and, at music's highest levels, spirituality. Music stretches the intellect as fully as math or a language.

Through music, you, as a parent, can give your child more than an "intellect stretcher". You are giving your child a resource for life: an outlet for his or her emotions. You will know you have been successful, when your child goes the piano, or picks up his violin or her flute, and… plays - because he is unbearably sad… or because she is overwhelmingly happy… or simply, for the sheer joy of making music.

The road to success, as the saying goes, is always under construction. Clayton Scott can help you build that road to a satisfying musical relationship with your child.

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