Piano Master Classes & Adjudication

Clayton Scott travels throughout North America to conduct workshop classes in musicianship and piano performance. Her unique combination of a breadth of practical teaching experience and theoretical knowledge provide her with a highly effective Master Class teaching style.

Clayton Scott has taught piano since 1969. She uses both traditional teaching methods and the Suzuki philosophy of training which she introduced into her studio in 1983. In 1992 she joined the Faculty of Suzuki Kingston and Summer Music Fest.

Students from her studio have consistently achieved first class honours in Royal Conservatory of Music piano examinations.
She is a member of the Board of Examiners of The Royal Conservatory of Music, examining in Harmony and Music History.

These same characteristics, along with her natural sensitivity to a student's or competitor's needs has resulted in Clayton Scott being highly in demand for festival adjudications, both competitive and non-competitive. As she has said of performers she has adjudicated:

"My main purpose is to acknowledge their hard work and the courage it takes for them to come and share their music. Music is a process. In adjudicating, I both want to celebrate, publicly, a student's accomplishments, the beauty in his or her music; and, on the written adjudication, give concrete suggestions for continued progress."

Clayton has adjudicated numerous festivals in Toronto and throughout southern Ontario, as well as at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Clayton has conducted Piano Master Classes in Washington, D.C., Tulsa, OK., Harrisburg, PA., and in many Canadian cities. Master Classes are designed for groups of young piano students, as well as intermediate and advanced students, from private studios or music schools.