Teacher Pedagogy

Dead or Alive? Making Music History Live Again.
An interactive lecture/demonstration. How to improve your own knowledge of music history and set up your own program. Includes various approaches to teaching music history with hands-on activities.

The Private Piano Lesson: A Musical Juggling Act.
Interesting and practical ways to incorporate Ear Training, Sight Reading, Technique and Musicianship in the private studio.

Time Management and Tips for Effective Practicing.
A workshop that is particularly valuable to teachers of pre-teens and teens.

The Perfectionist Child - The Perfectionist Parent.
Avoid the pitfalls, and harness the instinct, for perfection, in order to achieve positive results for students, and inspiration for parents and teachers.

Music: Public Performance or Private Pleasure?
What is the goal of practical music instruction: performance in public recitals or only for personal pleasure? Learn how to combine both. By teaching specific performance techniques, we can create students who play confidently in public performance as well as enjoying their music at home. An inspiring lecture for teachers, parents and senior students.

Using Opera to Teach Classroom History.
A workshop for elementary and high school teachers.

The Piano Music of Ravel: Impressionist or Not?
A riveting investigation of the piano music of Ravel. Examples of the art of early twentieth century France, as well as a comparison with the music of Debussy, bring this topic alive.

Mastering the Piano : More than a Method.
Learn about this comprehensive and motivating pedagogy, developed by Carole L. Bigler and Valery Lloyd-Watts. Mastering the Piano includes the best of conservatory/traditional teaching combined with the best of the Suzuki Method, an analysis of the functional and emotional processes of learning, called The Music Learning Cycle, and a complete, injury-free Technical Program for pianists from first lessons to virtuoso levels. Be inspired by these effective step- by-step strategies!

Music: A Longterm Investment in Courage, Creativity and Challenge.