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Parent and Teacher Lectures/Pedagogy

'Wasn't Clayton Scott a great wind-up speaker to our Fall Lecture Series? I trust we can arrange to engage her again and again in the near future. Congratulations again on securing a real "gem".'
-Gord MacLean, Oshawa, Ontario

'I heard your "Me and My Shadow: The Changing Roles of Parents and Teachers" presentation last summer, in Kingston, on parent/teacher relationships and family dynamics. I think you make some very valuable points throughout that lecture about how parents can best help and nurture young pianists and how they sometimes do not. We'd like to hear both sides of that story from you.'
-Kathy Woodcock, Chair Peterborough Suzuki School of Music, Peterborough, Ontario

'As a dancer and a language teacher, it was interesting to hear you employ the metaphor of language to conceptualize music in the statement "the language of music is aural". I loved hearing you refer to the stories in music….Thank you again for sharing your wisdom, story and performance with us. You are definitely a very engaging and lyrical performer.'
-Melanie Markin, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) graduate student, Toronto, Ontario

'I want to thank you very much and tell you that in your lecture on "Perfectionist Child - Perfectionist Parent" and "Music: Public Performance or Private Pleasure" you gave me hope, not only with your ideas on how to help students and parents, but also how to help myself…Thanks again; you have directed me along a new pathway and I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities.'
-Susan Connolly, Piano teacher, ORMTA, Barrie, Ontario

'Do you realize how much your parent lectures affect the parents and teachers you speak to? I want to thank you first because your talk, "Music: A Longterm Investment in Courage, Creativity and Challenge", gave me an idea that has worked and helped our family….Thank you for helping me have the courage and evidence to present my case so favorably.'
-Sarah Levison, Parent, Denver, Colorado

'Thank you Clayton for all that you bring to an event — your talent, your knowledge, teaching skills, your dedication, your high standards (nothing short of excellence), your flexibility (for less than ideal situations!), your humour, your energy, your inspiration, your love of music and children and teaching and life!! Needless to say, the list could go on and on and on!'
-Nancy Pinck, Piano teacher, Ottawa-Gatineau Piano School, Ottawa, Ontario

'Thank you so much for the great lecture on "Mastering the Piano" you gave in Ottawa this past weekend….As always, you are a breath of fresh air and real inspiration!'
-Jocelyne Brault, Teacher, Ottawa, Ontario

'I am still reaping the benefits from your presentations on "Time Management and Tips for Effective Practice" and "Music: Public Performance or Private Pleasure" in my musical life and in my personal life.'
-Vickie Hook, Ontario Registered Music Teacher's Association (ORMTA), Timmins, Ontario

'I was at your very interesting and very moving lecture, "Time Management and Tips for Effective Practice" and "Music: Public Performance or Private Pleasure". I would like to thank you for inspiring me.'
-Lauren Rooyakkers, ORMTA, London, Ontario

'Teachers, students and parents alike are saying how much they learned and how much they enjoyed your exceptional presentations. One of my parents who had not seen you before said "what a gift!"'
-Nancy Pinck, Teacher, Ottawa-Gatineau Piano School, Ottawa, Ontario

'It is such solid, down to earth, insightful advice and so succinctly and authoritively stated. Wonderful!!'
-Ian Burgham, Associate Professor, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

'Your intelligence, wisdom, communication skills and ability to nurture always impress and inspire me when I see you in action. Both Valery and I are grateful to you not only for the special understanding and expertise you bring to "Mastering the Piano", but also for your ever-present enthusiasm and contagious, positive energy.'
-Carole Bigler, Bigler~ Lloyd-Watts Music, Corning, NY

'Your passion for and commitment to your music and your teaching are both inspiring and intoxicating…You have planted so many seeds, and I really do think that is what makes a "great" teacher or musician.'
-Melanie A., OISE graduate student, Toronto, Ontario

'The teaching year got off to a good start with Clayton Scott's insights into "The Musical Juggling Act" we must perform every week in our studios. Her dynamic, informative style engaged us all and she was very warmly received.'
-ORMTA, Sarnia, Ontario

'Thank you for presenting your workshop on "Baroque, Classical and Romantic Music"…Comments ranged from excellent, informative, entertaining, awesome, I absolutely loved it, to I wish we could have more workshops like this one.'
-Wanda, Etobicoke-Mississauga ORMTA

'You really opened our eyes to a method that, for most, was unfamiliar…If it wasn't obvious from my comments in class, let me just say that you have truly been influential in my development as a teacher. As you say, we all have teachers that change us and you are on the top of my list.…Your desire to "educate through entertainment" is so refreshing and the idea of "pulling people into a world where they're listening, not watching" is so…exactly right…. I am always inspired when I listen to you, and tonight was no exception. I have a page of notes and quotes that will certainly make their way into my own philosophy of education.'
-Tamara Mitchell, OISE graduate student, Toronto, Ontario

'The teachers that heard your recent workshop, "Piano Through the Ages", are still talking about it. For many teachers it was their first time hearing you speak. One teacher said, "not one word was wasted". She hung onto every word you said….Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given to thousands of music students throughout the years. You really do make music come alive!'
-Cheryl Graham, Barrie, Ontario

'I enjoyed your presentation on "Time Management and Tips for Effective Practice", (I took six pages of notes!) and couldn't wait to start using some of your practice tips with my students.'
-Marilyn, Piano Teacher, Philadelphia Music Teachers' Association, Philadelphia, PA

'Thank you very much for coming to our class….Your talk was captivating and provided such a different look into another realm of teaching.…Your talk was inspiring and motivating — it helped to remind me what I love about my own teaching and it is very reassuring to know that there are others, like yourself, in teaching because it is their pleasure.'
-Ashley Kupczak, OISE graduate student, Toronto, Ontario

'I really admire your passion and dedication to music…Hearing you speak about your teaching repertoire made me realize how much I would like to experience the kind of passion for something that I saw in you.'
-Barbara Ostrowski, OISE graduate student, Toronto, Ontario

'You gave me exactly what I needed…my first summer at More Than Music to help me figure out a proposed schedule for my daughter to complete her A.R.C.T.'
-Susan Baker, Piano teacher, Ontario

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'You certainly put on a spectacular show with "The Barber of Seville" - thoroughly researched, meticulously prepared - and elegantly delivered.'
-Iain Scott, Opera Lecturer, Toronto, Ontario

'It is positively extraordinary the way you made "The Barber of Seville" come alive. What an original theatre you have created for the joy of your fans. It's truly better than going to the opera!!'
-Sue Davidson Polanyi, Toronto, Ontario

'I just loved your delivery. It was so warm and infectious. "The Barber of Seville" is a delightful opera which you brought to light with such affection.'
-Elin Graholm, Toronto, Ontario

'Your "Madama Butterfly" was outstanding and I was bawling my eyes out - you really capture the essence of the drama and the music so beautifully.'
-Ann Cooper Gay, Director, Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, Toronto, Ontario

'Madama Butterfly was dreamlike. Your script, your arms, your words, your knowledge - even your dress - all magical in the way only you are. Time after time.'
-Sue Hammond, Classical Kids, Toronto, Ontario

'In "Madama Butterfly" Clayton does so much more than just tell the story; she helps you understand how the music also tells the story.'
-Chorister, Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, Toronto, Ontario

'You were incandescent. We were enchanted by the grace with which you shared your understanding of "Madama Butterfly". We were riveted by the intensity with which you shared your passion for the opera. That was truly magic.'
-Timothy McNicholas, Toronto, Ontario

'Our entire family was mesmerized by your presentation of "Madama Butterfly"! I couldn't believe it when my 11-year old son remained attentive and never once fidgeted. You seemed to be Madama Butterfly and I didn't want it to end!'
-Lenore West, Falls Church, VA

'You have opened our hearts with your 'butterfly' spell.'
-Jim Selway, Harness Selway Arts, Falls Church, VA

'You definitely have a unique gift for making opera accessible and consequently, enjoyable for many who would never receive this gift of the human spirit had they not heard you.'
-Carole Bigler, Bigler~Lloyd-Watts, Music, Corning, NY

'Your knowledge and passion for the opera "Carmen" made a great impression on everyone.'
-Douglas Ludwig, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts (sponsor of Canadian Children's Opera Chorus Workshops), Toronto, Ontario

'Jim and I found "Carmen" gripping and spectacular. I swear that an evening with you far exceeds an evening at the opera.'
-Sue Davidson Polanyi, Toronto, Ontario

'WOW. How impressive "Carmen" was…You left me in tears.'
-Helen Poletes, Toronto, Ontario

'Your performance of "Carmen" was formidable. I was transported and could have sat there all evening.'
-Elin Graholm, Toronto, Ontario

'The intimacy and the scholarship of your "Tosca" presentation consistently confirm for me that I am witnessing an event no less enjoyable than the work your own performance illuminated. Brava!'
-Joanne Mackay-Bennet, Toronto, Ontario

'Needless to say we were riveted throughout your presentation of "Tosca". I consider it an honour to be part of that audience.'
-Janet Sutherland, Toronto, Ontario

'Lovingly and expertly, Clayton Scott led us to the heart of Puccini's "La Bohème".'
-Jim Selway, Director: Harness Selway Arts, Falls Church, VA

'Through Clayton's efforts, I now view opera not as an inscrutable and inaccessible burden to be endured, but as a vibrant, vital art form.'
-Rose Clark, Falls Church, VA

'We were in awe! Because you explained "La Bohème" so beautifully and dramatically, George understood a great deal - so much so that he was still mourning Mimi's death in the morning.'
-Margaret Polanyi, Toronto, Ontario

'It certainly exceeded our expectations and left us with a new-found appreciation for opera.'
-Andy Gaylord, Falls Church, VA

'We were so entranced by the performance of "Turandot" you gave…it was so exceptionally brilliant that you had 80 kids spellbound...not to mention the adults in the room. And to see Turandot after that…made Turandot so much more remarkable and enjoyable.'
-Karen Rice, parent of chorister in Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, Toronto, Ontario

'It was phenomenal! You taught all of us a great deal and I cannot wait to see "Turandot".'
-Patrizia Bruzio

'Your energy is amazing - I learned so much…I went home that evening after "The Magic Flute" feeling elevated and ready to enjoy a new aspect of music - I see opera in a new way now.'
-Lynn Rhoda, Elmira, NY

'In "La Traviata" I was impressed with your erudition, touched by your passion and enchanted by your presence.'
-Timothy McNicholas, Toronto, Ontario

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'On behalf of the West Shore Symphony Orchestra we would like to thank you for your magnificent performance of Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty". Through the insights presented during the pre-concert lecture and your dramatic telling of the story, you really made the story come alive for our audience! We have very much appreciated the opportunity to work with you.'
-Beth Anderson, WSSO Board President, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

'Warmest congratulations on…a wonderful performance of "The Sleeping Beauty"…. It was a full house!'
-Jacquelyne Beriault, The Royal Conservatory of Music Community School, Toronto, Ontario

'I have seen "Swan Lake" several times but it never meant as much to me as when clearly described by Clayton Scott. A wonderful experience!'
-Scott Lupin, Elmire, NY

'With "Don Quixote", this is the second time that Clayton has inspired Kit in the classical domain.'
-Charmaine Gilbreath, parent, Falls Church, VA

'Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your "Onegin" presentation last night. I thought you caught the romanticism of the ballet so completely…I'm still blissed out.'
-Edelayne Westgate, Toronto, Ontario

'In "Romeo and Juliet", we knew the emotion and the music and the dance. You left us moved and hungry for more.'

'Had Shakespeare never penned his plot,
The Montagues and Caps. not fought,
Prokofiev his muse not sought,
I'd not have learned what's never taught
Nor heard the brilliant Clayton Scott!'
-Joanne Mackay-Bennett, Toronto, Ontario

'I have discovered a new art form: I have discovered what Clayton does and that is a new art form.'
Kevin Bell, Musician, Toronto, Ontario

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Music Through the Ages

'On behalf of the Royal Diploma Program, and especially the children, I thank you profusely for your inspiring afternoon! We recognize the amount of preparation and energy involved to present such a show. The reports from both children and parents were glowing. We hope you will consider returning another year."
-Janet Fothergill, Co-Director: The Royal Diploma Program, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Ontario

'I loved your presentation — you were great! Also I went to your website and it was awesome. Bravo — nice job!'
-Arthur Ni, age 10, Royal Diploma Program, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Ontario

'She makes the story exciting and funny, and it keeps me on the edge of my seat!'
-Elena Herold, Peterborough, Ontario

'Clayton Scott kept us all spellbound with her dramatic portrayals of several fabulous operas and ballets. This has sparked a love of opera and ballet in my daughter that I know will last a lifetime.'

'I wish we could find the right words to describe your presentations! Students and parents don't realize what they are missing until they have heard you once, then they will never miss!'
-Cheryl Graham, Barrie, Ontario

'Her dramatic acting abilities were excellent and added a lot to the engagement of the audience.'

'Fabulous, best teacher ever, outstanding, masterful.'

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Piano Teaching

'Clayton is such a marvelous teacher!'
-Valery Lloyd-Watts, Bigler ~ Lloyd Watts Music, Kingston, Ontario

'I would like to thank you for your patience, encouragement and perseverance during the years we spent together. I've come to appreciate, more and more, the dedication you demonstrate every day to each one of your students, and to the enjoyment of music for all people'
-Liza Carew, former student, Kingston, Ontario

'I thank God everyday that you are their teacher! I can see how your great gift has opened the door for Amelia to be able to develop skills and express herself in ways that most people don't experience.'
-Elizabeth Brown, parent, Toronto, Ontario

'I also wanted to tell you that Emma was so energized and excited after her lesson last week — she said it was one of her best ever! She had been so uninspired the week before and didn't see what she could bring to these pieces. After working with you, she was really on fire and felt such a sense of accomplishment. She could see the experience in a wider context as well, seeing that this focus and 'inner fire' that you awoke in her can be applied to other areas of her life that she has difficulty with.'
-Estelle Anderson, parent, Toronto, Ontario

'You have truly helped me so much on my journey to becoming an artist, and for that, I thank you dearly.'
-Elliott Cairns, former student, Ancaster, Ontario

'I had begun to miss the piano and the sense of release I used to feel from playing, but I had not fully realized until today how much of the pleasure I took from piano came from working at and discussing the music with you.'
-Michelle McQuigge, former student, Toronto, Ontario

'Thank you so much for all of your lessons, because after going to the symphony last night I see how valuable they are. Not only were they sufficient in helping me pass these exams, but they've really given me invaluable knowledge, and I do have to thank you for that… I could hear your voice in the back of my head animating the music, and bringing sense to it all. I really feel as if your voice will be in the back of my head for the rest of my life…and whenever I do hear a piece of music we've studied, I'll hear your voice, amplified by your speaker, screaming 'AND THEN THE MODULATION TO THE MINOR KEY!!'
-Rushil Mistry, former student of Music History, Toronto, Ontario

'I have nothing but happy memories of studying music with you. I think one of the greatest gifts I could give my children would be to search out teachers who are as inspirational as you.'
-Margaret Campbell-Boyle, former student, Toronto, Ontario

'It is so inspirational to watch a teacher so passionate, knowledgeable and patient work with students. Amara loves going to piano, loves practicing, and talks of you now as if she has known you for years. You not only bring life to music, but music to life. Thanks, Clayton, for your gifts and your work.'
-John Clark Smith, parent, Toronto, Ontario

'Thank you for yesterday…You continue to amaze us! We are so glad and honored that Melissa has such a dedicated and loving teacher and that she is part of such a wonderful group of young talented musicians…It is such a joy to watch how you can tap their talent and bring out their abilities.'
-Marie Tan, parent, Toronto, Ontario

'You are a real inspiration to Laura and I know she feels incredibly privileged to be your student and to be a part of a wonderful studio.'
-Deb Metsger, parent, Toronto, Ontario

'They were obviously so well prepared for the exams that they shine compared to other music students and yes they are talented but that is not all there is. So, Clayton, thank you again for all your devoted hard work and commitment to your students. We feel so lucky to have had you in our lives.'
-Diane Moody, parent of former student, Toronto, Ontario

'I like being taught by Clayton because she is very patient and I think she always stays in the moment with me.'

'I just want to say that I love the energy you give to students when you are teaching…When I am teaching and feel tired, I picture you and always get a little more inspiration.'
-Valerie, piano teacher, Ottawa, Ontario

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Piano Masterclasses

'Everyone was so pleased with how much encouragement you gave the kids…All have said this week they feel much better now going into their grade 8 exams, etc…Students were just "flying high"!'
-Amanda de Boer, Oshawa, Ontario

'I had to let you know how grateful we ALL are to you, for giving so much of yourself to us… if 200 per cent is possible, you certainly did it!'
-Kristine Gore, piano teacher, Ottawa, Ontario

'You have an amazing amount of energy! It's also energizing for us to be in the presence of one who is passionate about their work.'
-Joanna, piano teacher, Toronto, Ontario

'My students just absolutely adore you. The ones that had private lessons with you seem very motivated to keep improving their pieces. It is so nice to have such a great boost from you.'
-Kristy Warren, piano teacher, Tulsa, OK

'It was a very inspiring and enriching weekend for our school. I really appreciate your expertise, graciousness, creativity and warmth expressed in your teaching. I really enjoyed observing how you work with the children. Your positive feedback and innovative techniques for improving are so uplifting and motivating for the students and parents as well. How refreshingly different from the conservative way I learned to play piano!'
-Linda Herold, parent, Peterborough, Ontario

'Clayton is extremely talented and gets such positive results from the kids. I marveled at how focused they were on her every word picture…and was amazed at how they could implement her suggestions as she coached them.'

'Thank you for this weekend and introducing us to Clayton Scott. Both girls enjoyed her very much. What a treat that was….'

'Your love of music and focus on "making music come alive" is so evident as you speak to the children. You gave me some extra energy and a focus on the "love of music" which feels so good.'
-Carla Zonneveld, parent, Kitchener, Ontario

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'You are the BEST adjudicator we have ever met. And Baillie has been performing since she was six (she is 13).'
-Sonny Ridell, parent, Newmarket, Ontario

'I've received rave reviews from my students and parents!…One of my teenage students emailed me last night that she was so inspired she was practicing away for hours when she got home. (WOW - wish you could come up more often!!)'
-Amanda Niznik, piano teacher, Oshawa, Ontario

'Both your musical insights and positive encouraging approach were appreciated by participants and teachers (I saw only smiling faces leaving each session!)'
-Betty Taylor, Chair, Newmarket Lions' Music Festival, Newmarket, Ontario

'Adjudicator Clayton Scott of Toronto said she hopes each child leaves feeling something from their performance has been acknowledged and appreciated by her. She says, "My main purpose is to acknowledge their hard work and the courage it takes for them to come and share their music".'
-Pam Wright, The Daily News, Chatham, Ontario

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